Lone Star Cafe & Bar Masterton
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Welcome. It’s swell to see you. Hang up your hat, pull up a chair, and settle in for fun at Lone Star Masterton. A heritage gem with a legendary kitchen, you’re in for a treat.

Head honchos Michelle and Tom, and their loyal local crew (try sayin’ that fast!) love making good folks feel right at home. Head Chef Marcelle makes the finest ribs and seafood in wine country. And Cody, Jono, Ashlee, and Anita will show you those famous Lone Star Masterton fine times

Masterton folks know how to have a good time and make everyone feel welcome. And it’s all about family here, so we’ll make sure your little rangers are fed, watered and entertained, so you can kick back, enjoy your food and maybe a Lone Star cocktail or two.

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Address: 49 Dixon Street, Masterton 5810


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